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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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7's byron barnett. he joi us nolive in dorchester with the breaking details. byron? >> anchor: well, investigators were saying pretty much from the start they were focusing on operator error. now a source familiar with the investigation says the operator of that run away train may have tampered with the controls. this is a train operator's cab like the one on the run away train. the throttle is the big lever on the control panel. a source familiar with the investigation says the operator of the run away train apparently tied a chord around the throttle when he got off the train to override a signal . i said at the time the investigation was ongoing, but that i had been led to believe the throttle had been tampered with. that's still my understanding, but again the investigation has to be completed. >> reporter: t officials say if the operator did tie a chord around the throttle he would face serious consequences. we are aware of those reports and in any way, wedging or restricting the movement of
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prohibited act that would subjet the operator to termination . >> reporter: the red line train left braintree thursday morning with passengers but no operator. the train blew through several stations before t staffering in the control center stopped it by cutting power to the third rail. t officials say the operator, 52 52-year-old david vasquez of canton, also failed to engage the second-hand brake when he got out of the cab. we do believe this was an isolated incident. one that likely required an individual to make multiple mistakes for this to take place. >> reporter: friends of vasquez defended the long time t employee calling him conscientious . he is a friend. i can't picture this guy doing something wrong. i mean, the equipment is old, they always try to blame the operator for everything . >> reporter: now t officials say that vasquez was interviewed and has been placed on administrative leave. the investigation is ongoing and
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scheduled for monday. that's the story live from south boston, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: the big focus today, what is being done to keep passengers safe. state leaders say they are taking steps to make sure there is no more trouble on the tracks tracks. 7's john cuoco live now in boston with reaction from some commuters. john? >> reporter: i spoke with a few t raid riders and they are happy something is being done here. it does make you feel a little bit better that somebody . >> reporter: t passengers concerned being put at ease. the mbta takes it's remighting all of their employees in person and in writing about prohibited acts on trains. administrators do not believe tampering with the trains is a widespread practice. memory of folks at the t, nothing like this has ever happened on the rapid transit system . >> anchor: it's also aing the use of the bypass system that got the train moving yesterday.
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to witness and insure the motor person is following all of the safety steps that are required . >> reporter: governor baker doesn't think bringing become a second operate would help in the future . it doesn't justify dowling up. i don't know what the other operator would do . >> anchor: according to officials, a second operator could have pulled the emergency brake had they known what was going on. most likely that person that particular second operate would not have realized there was even an incident going on until the train had passed quincy adams station. >> reporter: there was a ming this morning with the federal transit administration about more safety protocols. live at the statehouse, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: also following break breaking news out of revere, a suspect in custody after a dead deadly late night shooting that left two people dead. 7's steve cooper live in revere with the breaking details for us us. steve? well, adam, certainly a huge sigh of relief in this revere neighborhood tonight that saw an awful lot of police here all through the night as they searched for people in conntion with what happened
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afternoon that police have made an arrest. mike a dely i don't know of lynn was taken into custody friday afternoon on two counts of murder and one count of armed assault with intent to murder . all of a sudden i heard about five loud pops and i knew it was gun shots . >> anchor: ings this night every revere police respond the to the triple shooting inside 70 weighed street where they found the victims i'm 66-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman both pronounced dead at the hospital. a 38-year-old man also shot multiple times is expected to survive . we saw a man, he was on the ground lying face up upite at the front door and he was bleeding out . through the day police could be seen coming and going from the crime scene while anxious neighbors couldn't help but worry. brie an quay who owns a nearby garden center rattled by the deadly violence even came by to donate a christmas tree . i own the garden center around the corner and i want to donate a tree to the family. it's a family run company. i will make somebody's christmas christmas.
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but unfortunately there is no family here right now so it's worth a dry. dry.. >> reporter: one thing the criminal complaint doesn't include is any information on a motive here. that's information we expect to learn when the suspect deleon faces a judge on monday morning over in chelsea district court. live in revere tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> reporter: a big surprise for the patriots. gronk and edelman back in action and on practice field. before a sunday show down in texas. >> anchor: patriots getting a big boost as they gear up for the houston texans . >> anchor: julian edelman after a month of action. we have team 7 coverage of the big return. we begin with alex corddry now at gillette stadium. hey, alex. >> reporter: patriots welcoming back rob grokowski on thursday but like you guys were saying they have more good news today.
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he is ruled out of sunday's game as expected but it certainly seeing him back at pass practice is a good sign things are heading into the right direction direction. julian edelman back at practice a stay after rob grokowski made his appearance. the pats star stretching to the and greeting each other with a high five . me and gronk got a high fiv fiving thick that brady just could never get that one time. >> reporter: jokes aside, it's it'sen ing to see edelman back at practice less than four weeks after breaking his foot . we have a good staff in here so wasn't necessarily a surprise . >> reporter: many people were surprised to see him return toic toically. hopefully a good sign to see him back for the playoff at least . doing it safely and smart and just trying to improve each day . >> reporter: the same goes for gronk on the patriots injury report he is list as question questionable for sunday night. it feels good to be back just with my teammates. just mentally feels good to be back with them.
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other questions he has to talk to coach belichick. grokowski didn't take any questions from reporters but we do know last week he posted a video on twitter saying he is going to return to game action only when he is 100%. live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 news. >> anchor: patriots fans hoping that the big returns could help stop this skid. new england losing two in a row and even though edelman is not expected to play just the sight of him on the field has fans pretty excited. let's get to jonathan hall continuing our team coverage live from gillette stadium. john? >> reporter: a hey, adam. the last could you evansville games sure have been exciting but certainly not in a good way for so for fans it's great to get positive vibes going. two banged up guys at practice star tight end rob grokowski and tom brady's other favorite target julian edelman high fiv fiving on the field. a welcome site for fans and for the guy with the whistle . we need gronk back but if
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best thing for him to do is to rest for another week because i don't think the playoffs are out of the question at this point . i believe that he shun be playing right now because if he further hurts himself he won't be able to play in the playoffs . fans ebb pent gronk who went down hard with a knee injury will see action first but when? i hope we don't see him until the playoffs. get him rested, get julian back and we're good to go . edelman was the big surprise today. he has the more serious injury of broken foot, he was expected to miss the rest of the regular season but this sight has some of his fans overly optimistic . i don't think he will be here this week but i think next week he will probably be here . you would like to see him play too . i would love to see them all play, especially him. >> anchor: even though the texans are loaded with expatriates players and coaches including the head coach and the quarterback, fans believed that belichick and brady will get the best of him on sunday night. live in foxboro, jonathan hall, 7 news. you can watch the game
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well aeget started at 6:30 with our 7 on the sidelines special. football night in america starts at 7:00 and then kickoff is at 8 8:30 and then we hope you join 7 news at 11:00. it will be a late edition of 7 news right after the game. again, they go late sometimes but we'll be here right afterwards . >> anchor: we're filling a developing story now. it looks like daily fantasy sports sites will not be shut down in new york. a judge granting a stay that will allow draft kings and fan duel to an continue to do business in energy as proceed proceedings continue. this comes just hours after a judge ordered both the companies to shut down their services in new york. new york's attorney general says it is a form of illegal gambling while the site says it's based on skill. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather and after a foggy start to the day for a lot of people turned into an absolutely beautiful friday. not so beautiful if you are on the roads right now. that friday evening rush. but get home, it will be worth it because the question, is will
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chris lambert is here with a first check of our forecast . >> reporter: going to go 50-50 slit with the warm weather over the week. saturday the warmer of the two days. ing there at these numbers tomorrow. upper 50's to near 60 degrees. still at 54 in boston. 54 norwood. if you are stuck in traffic anyone out there stuck over the next couple hours at least the visit is good. we don't have dense fog we had this morning although we're beginning to see patchy fog develop across southern new hampshire. do expect fog to develop overnight tonight. no rain to talk of over the next 24 hours or so as we have dry weather that will continue and again tomorrow the brighter of the two days upper 50's to near 60 degrees once again so a know a lot of you have holiday shopping, putting out deck reagans still to do this week weekend. yes it will be cooler and cloud cloudier sunday but mainly dry out there. i don't expect temperatures to be all that cold. still above the average in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees. we do have a couple of rain chances in the 7 day forecast. more on that ahead. >> anchor: new at 5:00, one person is dead following a car
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three others were hurt. it all happened thursday night just after 8:00. police say a man was driving under the influence when his car slammed into another one. and police arrested harley libby libby. he is facing several charges including negligent operation of a motor vehicle. the crash remains under investigation. >> anchor: we're tracking new developments in the terror attack in california. thousands attended a service today for one of the victims of the shooting rampage. a private memorial was held this morning for damian means, the second of 14 funerals planned in the copping days. today f.b.i. divers continue to search a lake in san bernadine right here. investigators say the shooters may have been here and may have dumped evidence into that lake. and donald trump facing even more backlash from his proposal to ban all muslims from coming into the united states. in the wake of the terror attack his competition on the campaign trail still lashing out. ryan schulteis live in our control room with more today. >> reporter: trump's idea of a
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headlines. today we're seeing the first poll number about it. i think donald trump knows to you to play the media lick a master. >> reporter: republican presidential hopeful criminally fiorina came out swinging against media and adonald trump . i think he applied piper. he says things and you all rush to cover it. every network . >> reporter: his controversial statement from banning muslims from the u.s. doesn't play well with the majority of americans. that according it a poll. 57% of american adults oppose the idea with just 25% supporting it. even so a poll shows trump in a solid lead in iowa over his next closest republican rifle, ted cruz who in an audio leak was heard questioning the front-runner and ben carson's campaigns . i think the lion share of their supporters come to us. >> reporter: trump hit back saying he will fall like all others. it will be easy. the cruz response, the
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and me in a cage match sorry to disappoint. donald trump is terrific. we're this close to iowa. i think a lot of trump support supporters will still look at ted cruise as a viable option if trump drops out of the race and i don't think this has cause aud audrift between candidates . >> reporter: so despite their pledge not to, trump has republican leaders he could still make a run as a third party candidate. ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: still ahead, a popular gadget banned on board planes. major airlines telling passengers to keep their hover boards at home this holiday season . >> anchor: plus, a wild ride for a man on a bike. his collision with a speeding train caught on camera . >> anchor: then a deadly driver in north reading i'm car slams into a home. >> anchor: the run away read line train being blamed on operator error. a source telling 7 news the train's operator tied a chord, didn't secure the brake before climbing out of the cab . >> anchor: also breaking a suspect in custody after a dead deadly late night shooting in revere that left two people dead dead. we're staying on top of both of
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we are a family. it's time to savor. time to bake. it's time to enjoy with family. from the first toast, to the last dessert. we are a family. happy holidays... ...from all of us. >> anchor: they are one of this year's hottest gets, but don't will be on flying with your new hover board. the gadget officially banned on board several airlines here in the united states. the big concern if you haven't heard already of potential fire danger from the batteries .
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has everyone talking. if you are hoping to hover home for the holidays, don't plan to the three largest airlines in the u.s. now banning hover boards because of fire danger. i normally take it with me when i travel. >> anchor: delta and american airlines said hover boards will not allowed in checked or carry on luggage. jet blue airways already prohibited them, passengers say they are surprised by the change change. . >> anchor: the ban comes as federal regulators continue to investigate reports of fires and explosions involving the electronic scooters. in houston, the booster family won a hover board at a church raffle only to watch it catch fire the next day. i wasn't expecting it to blow up . >> anchor: in alabama it happened while timothy was crying his . it's on fire! the hover board exblowed under my feet . >> anchor: nationwide there have been six yearious fires this year . you don't know how will they are going to funk and what safety defects they can be introducing
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>> anchor: the biggest fire danger the batteries. they have a history of over overheating and catching fire in cell phones and laptops even causing a cargo planes to crash five years ago. and one other issue with the gadget, the u.s. safety commission says that people are also falling off of these hover boards and getting hurt. >> anchor: coming up next, one of those hover boards helping a robber get away. that's a bizarre theft caught on camera. we'll show you more. >> reporter: mild air continuing to the first half of the second seaboard. sunday does look cuyler. look at the numbers ahead . >> anchor: a devoted fan manage manages to sneak a hidden message into his company's holiday card in denver . . >> reporter: isaiah thomas and i are drumming you something big. i'm going from celtic green to blue man blue.
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say bicyclist in the path of the danger. surveillance cameras capture a man riding toward a railroad crossing in would plan. the 26-year-old seems to ignore the that aring orange and at the last second a train speeds by, knocking the bike out from under him. and somehow, he was able to walk away with only minor injuries. too. it's amazing that he was able to
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. >> anchor: and how quickly that train is of moving. one of those bullet trains there there. all right, so it's friday obviously going into the weekend and thinking about some of these warm temperatures we've been having and it looks like if you are liking this weather, chris, you might like the weekend. did that still the case? a lot of us giving it two thumb's up to this weather. a know some snow lovers saying when can we get cold air in here to get the ski resorts going with some snow making and eventually we'll get there. we a v a colder pattern ahead for next weekend but the first half fiving mild weather once again. 54 in boston right now. 56 in plymouth. close to 60 again this afternoon afternoon. that wind direction out of the south. 6 to 12 miles per hour and now once these wind speeds lighten up a bit tonight and the temperature cools close to the dew point levels, could have some areas of fog redevelop and dewpoints in the up are 40's to near 50. that is high for this time of year. no visibility issues right now but beginning to sea little bit of patchy fog and haze in the sky across southern new hampshire i would expect this
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have areas of fog redevelop. otherwise relatively quiet here. we've had patches of clouds to work on through but no rainfall to talk about here in southern new england. temperatures overnight holding made to even upper 40's so yes indeed, it will be mild overnight. the average high this time of year is 43 degrees. i don't think we'll get there or below in the city of boston probably hoping about 46, 47 overnight. any early fog tomorrow yielding to mixture of sun and clouds and again temperatures mid 50's to near 60 degrees. so the wind out of the southwest today in more out of the west tomorrow but the bottom line is the weather to the west and southwest of us still mild so that's the forecast for tomorrow tomorrow. sunday we start to change things up, at least for a day here with east to northeasterly breeze building in as high pressure noses in this back door cool front in the wind turns out of the east to northeast and you know what that means? a cooler wind direction for us. north of the front 40's to near 50. south get back into southwestern connecticut back into the new york city 60 plus there so this
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afternoon after being mild again on saturday afternoon. again, this is still above average but we're back into the upper 40's in the city of boston and some low to mid 50's south and west in the city of boston. a lot more clouds in the second half of the weekend too and we may have a little bit of patchy drizzle, a few spring eout there on sunday. best and highest chance of a soaking rain that's going to come in here late monday, especially monday night so monday during the day, we'll have a few showers around, maybe even some patches of drizzle here and there. but i don't expect a lot of rain during the day monday in term of high amounts. ifyou get a couple downpours to come on through it's monday night and very early tuesday morning we dry out so. not expecting this wet weather to last long. tuesday and wednesday looking dry then thursday into early friday another round of some wet weather coming in before we do see that cold weather come in here for next weekend. but next weekend does look dry. all right, getting far ahead of myself here but on monday those upper 50's, that's late in the day most of the day in the 40's to near 50. guys?
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their christmas card . pats fan having some fun in his company's annual photo so if you take a close look here at the man on the left posing with co-workers all decked out in broncos gear, right, but he manage to get a tiny bit there you go. pats gear holding team logo against his leg. he says nobody noticed yet. the cards already getting mailed out. he plans to make a big reveal in the company's next meeting. hopefully he is in good standing with the boss. >> anchor: yeah, when they this see that they will be like wait a second. still ahead, trouble on the tracks. a tractor trailer, a speeding train splitting an 18 wheeler in two . >> anchor: coming up here all new at 6:00 sweet music from a very special little girl. why this holiday concert had an
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is ask . >> anchor: happy friday, by the way. hopefully you are having a good one so far. if you are just settling in another hour of 7 news coming up up. 7 now at 530 start rate now . >> anchor: breaking news now at 5:30. new developments on the red line run away train. sources conif ing the operator made a crucial mistake before jumping out of cab . >> anchor: also a tragic crash in north reading. a woman killed when her car slams into a house. then caught on camera, a close call in the czech republic when a passenger train crashes into a tractor trailer. >> anchor: after foggy start this morning, sunshine warming us up again to near 60 degrees. how long the mild weather lasts and will we see rain? ahead. >> anchor: first at 5:30 we're following two breaking stories. the cause of the run away red line train now linked to
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sources tell us that conductor
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